Q: I am not sure what to do with my life, I feel lost and unfulfilled. How can I discover what to do in life and where I am going in life?

 It is fitting that you ask such a life changing and eye opening question. Everything you do from this point will affect not only you and your future, but it will also affect the lives of everyone around you including your spouse, children, friends and family. In a nutshell you are trying to find out how you find fulfillment out of life. Fulfillment is a combination of understanding your Spirituality, Purpose and Environment. One cannot be fulfilled if one does not understand these three elements, you will always be looking and searching for something to fill the void in your life. Three of the most important life changing moments in anyone’s life are; when you are born, when you are born again in Jesus Christ and when you discover why you were born.


 The human spirit is what endures long after our physical bodies die. The body is simply the case in which the spirit lives, this dictates that we have to somehow fulfill the needs of the spirit in order to be fulfilled spiritually. Oddly enough our whole world is centered on taking care of the needs of the body not the spirit; hospitals, restaurants, businesses, cars, and real estate you name it. The body has to be fed, washed, groomed and provided with various luxuries to cater for its needs. In most cases when we are depressed, sad, anxious its our spirit/soul desperately moaning for help. Most people respond by eating, drug use, buying thing and the list is end less but  you can not give a physical answer to a spiritual problem.   Unlike our physical bodies the spirit is not fulfilled by mere physical items the spirit is fulfilled by the food of the spirit. The food f the Spirit word of God found in the bible. The human spirit is forever parched and thirsty for fulfillment from God our Spiritual Father. Just as the body needs food and water to be nourished,  the human spirit/soul requires the word of God to be nourished. Most people cannot go for a day without food or water, a lack of food and water for prolonged periods of time will result in death by dehydration or starvation. How much more is your spirit suffering without nourishment from God’s word? Therefore it is clear that you cannot become fulfilled when your spirit is being neglected..

Make no mistake Jesus is the answer to all your needs, without him we are lost and life in vain. Jesus will change your life right side up. Jesus will fill that empty void in your heart and in your soul, he will take every heavy burden and make it light. In Jesus you find Love in its most purest of forms, unblemished, undeserved and unmerited. Jesus said I come that you may have life and life to the fullest. Choosing Jesus gives you power and authority as well as a guaranteed victory in whatever you face in life.


A job is what you are paid to do, a role is something you fill but purpose is what you were created to do. Man can thrive effectively outside his purpose as much as a shark can thrive in a shallow pond of stagnant water. Purpose not only gives direction but a destination to work towards. Once you know your purpose; conviction, drive, direction and fulfillment naturally follow because you now know where you are going and what preparations you need to make for the long journey ahead. Without purpose we are; directionless, demotivated to live, and jump through all kinds of hoops that leave us drained mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. A Common belief is that to have purpose is to work for church or to pursue a career, while your purpose can indeed be your career or a role in ministry it is most certainly not limited to church or your profession. It is hard to fully understand your purpose with out fully understanding the one who gave you the life, dreams and a purpose Jesus. Only through him can you fully understand your true purpose in life.

How then can one find their own purpose, there are various ways for an individual to know what their purpose is. Your purpose is a combination of understanding your dreams, passions, talents and what is in your hands. Passions are things or something that you Love beyond anything else. You can ask yourself a series of questions; what is the one thing that gets you going? What gets your blood pumping with excitement? Passions are things that you can even do for free simply because you love them so much, nothing can keep you back from your passions. For some people its music, cars, leadership, business, being a mother, cooking, singing or talking to people the list is endless. Dreams are those inner goals and pursuits that you long to accomplish, no matter how crazy, big or outrageous. Dreams provide hope and strength to keep fighting when all is tough. Dreams provide a destination that is steered by purpose, talent and gifts. Talents is what comes naturally to you, what gifts have you been blessed with. Some people are talented in music, sport, talking, singing etc.  What is in your hands involves using what is at your disposal to accomplish your purpose and dreams, even if it means starting small. A combination of these factors will generally help in coming up with a rough idea of someone’s purpose. Once you write down your dreams, talents, purpose you will find that your dreams will provide you with hope and a future destination, Purpose will give you the direction to take in your life and Talents give you the means of getting to your dreams and purpose.

It is important to note that dreams, talents, purpose and passions are all gifts from God and to pursue God is to indirectly pursue your dreams, hopes and desires. Matthew 6:33 … Seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


 An individual’s environment plays a really big part and determines whether you become successful at achieving your dreams or not. Once you make a stand to pursue your dreams, how you spend your time and where you spend your time becomes that which determines what happens next. A famous biblical proverb says if you keep the company of the wise you become wise but if you keep the company of  fools you will suffer harm Proverbs 13:20. Therefore, finding a mentor and spending time with like minded people is of art most importance. A good question to ask yourself if you want to find the right mentor is; who is one person in your world who is doing what you want to be doing  in the future and doing it well. Once you have that person in mind the next obvious question is why are you not talking and interacting with them learning all you can from them. The truth is you need a mentor to learn and grow from. If you want to be a successful businessman then get mentored by a successful businessman not by your best friend who’s a knows nothing about business. You have to change your environment to ensure lasting change. If you stay in the same environment doing the same things, interacting with the same people who kill time then you will never live to see your dreams become a reality. Reaching out for your dreams is not easy it requires you to put in the work, no work no dream. To look for a mentor is not easy but most people get it wrong because they look for mentors not to learn but to find opportunity for employment opportunities or financial investments, in other words what most people look for in successful people are handouts not knowledge. Wisdom is worth more than all the valuable jewels in the world.


One of the biggest catalyst of change is a transformed mind. Change begins in the mind and if the mind is unchanged, no change will take place in your life (Romans 12:2 … be transformed by the renewing of your mind). Mindset change to some extend is a choice, you have to choose to think a certain way. Some people want to be independent but do not want to move out of their parents’ house, some people want to find their purpose and fight for their dreams but they do not wish to step out and take responsibility and change their mindsets.  Mindset change is central to finding fulfillment. When it comes to turning your life around there is nothing more powerful than a changed mind. You have to see your dreams first and you have to put goals into place to achieve them. You have to believe you can do it yourself before anyone else buys into your dream. Too many people are trying to live lives and dreams that they themselves don’t even believe in (first step to failure). You have to see it, will it and be able to go out into unknown territory and fight for it tooth and nail till there are no more fingernail to scratch with. Only a convinced and convicted mind/ individual can fight chase their dreams with such tenacity and perseverance, all that confidence can only come from one true source a true revelation of who Jesus is



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