Q: How does pornography affect me, as a young man?

The effects of porn go far beyond sexual enjoyment, porn affects an individual’s whole life and everyone around that individual; family friends and mostly spouses (future or current). The effects of porn are more subtle but very severe. Though there is little evidence to show this, it is widely believed that porn is what’s at the heart of the various issues affecting a lot of young men, dealing with guilt, shame, erotic feelings, keeping up with a secret life and the pressure of trying to live as an upright  male. Young men often struggle between the tension of what you know you ought to be doing and what you are actually doing. Young people are constantly bombarded by various pornographic videos and images which they don’t have to go out of your way to come across. There are various destructive elements fighting for the attention of our young minds online and pornography is one such destructive element.

To gain a full perspective we are going to look at the implications of porn. We often read that porn negatively affects you in the future, how it will affect your future marriage and sex life. While all this is true the answer below will look at the immediate effects of porn.

Porn creates an unquenchable thirst for sexual content that nothing  can ever fulfill. Porn steals time, because porn consumers are never satisfied with the same content the more you watch the more time you spend looking for new content that will provide a bigger and better arousal. The process of looking up porn can take hours of searching on millions of sights and searching through billions of girls or boys. Frequent porn users can easily use 10-30 hours every week. As a result of the loss of time, porn renders you ineffective because you are now managing your time poorly unable to do what needs to be done.

 While most porn users can still function normally in life regardless of how much porn they watch, they will never function effectively. Lack of productivity or effectiveness kills motivation, hence, as a result individuals are not level headed or motivated to think up fresh new ideas and new concepts as your mind and time are preoccupied by porn. Porn also steals motivation because it causes chemical imbalances, the end result will be nothing else motivates you other than porn.

The lack of motivation, loss of time and lack of effectiveness then causes individuals to feel like complete failures in life. All these issues cause an over whelming sense of helplessness, which then plays a part in various mental issues, anxieties, stress that young people have.

Porn gives you a warped view of what’s attractive. Sex is supposed to bond you physically, emotionally and spiritually with your spouse. But if porn has made the chemical pathways in your brain go haywire, then sex becomes only about the body (purely physical). And porn shows you that only certain body types are attractive. It’s not about the whole person; it’s just a certain type of person. If a woman gains even ten pounds, then, she’s no longer attractive, and the porn user has an honest to goodness difficult time getting aroused, because he associates only a certain body type with arousal.

Pornography increases negative attitudes to women. Media depicting women as objects, existing for male sexual pleasure, and as subordinates, negatively affect the users’ attitudes and behaviors toward women. The result is you sexualise almost ever encounter you have with a woman.

For more information and support, go to:

Kids’ Helpline 1800 55 1800 or http://www.kidshelp.com.au

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