Q: My Ex- Boyfriend at school has naked photos of me, now he is threatening to show my friends and the whole school. What can I do ? who can I tell ?

On bright side, the pictures and photos have not been leaked or shown to anyone so there is no need to panic or worry. Even in the event that he has shown a few people the best way to react is to be calm and not to take any rushed decisions.

This is a case of sexting gone horribly wrong sexting is using the internet or your phone to share nude/sexy pictures. All over the world it is illegal to sext, or publish pictures or videos of someone who is under 18 ( child pornography). Using sexted messages as threats is also sexual harassment, a crime punishable by law. In saying that you have a few options:

1: Talk to an authority you trust at school teacher, social worker, chaplain. Odds are they have dealt with multiple cases similar to yours and they will know how to help you. The sooner you tell someone the easier and quicker the issue is resolved, however, even if you delay better late than never.

2:Talk to your parents about it, if no one at school does not take action to help you. Your parents will movie heaven and earth to ensure that you are kept safe. Though most young people choose to suffer in silence and not tell their parents- solution 2 is usually the most effective way of ending all the drama but it also takes a lot of guts because it involves showing your parents a side which no child ever wants to show their parents.

3: Call the kids help line number in your country, it’s free, safe anonymous and you don’t have to worry about people knowing who you are. In Australia it’s 1800 55 1800. Kids help line directs young people to relevant authorities who will help you regardless of your situation.

4: Go to he police or call a police hot line number in what ever country you are in. Chances are given your age and the threats being made your ex boyfriend will be charged with distributing child pornography.

In summary, this is a serious case of cyber bullying, sexual harassment and potential child pornography which carries a maximum of 16 years in jail in Australia.Tell someone in authority you trust  but don’t keep quiet, never keep quiet.

Important Contacts For Support In Australia

Kids Help Line 1800 551800 Tollfree number Web: http://www.kidshelpline.com.au

Police Link: 131 444 Web https://www.police.qld.gov.au/programs/policelink/



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